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North Haven, ME

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30' W x 12' H x 48' L


One of the biggest advantages of choosing a fully customizable metal building kit is that once the Worldwide Steel team has confirmed the structural integrity of your design, there are almost no rules to how you can configure your building. One of our customers proved that by using a half truss in one of the more unique truss configurations we see: as a load-bearing wall to add additional indoor/outdoor space to the side of their barn.

While trusses are designed for roof framing (and also work well on a gable roof), what you can see in the photos of this project is that the customer cleverly used an open web roof truss as the roof and wall of this addition, showing a very unique use of a common truss design.

You’ll notice the way this building is designed incorporates standard roof overhangs on the main barn, and then a smaller overhang on the half truss component. This works well because the addition isn’t fully enclosed, so is even less susceptible to damage from the elements. And the way the metal siding continues over the half truss portion of the building makes for an aesthetically pleasing connector.

The truss in question is an open web truss, named for the web configuration of steel tubes running between the top chord and bottom chord. We use this type of truss often in our building designs, because they are custom-made for each individual steel building and the web formation can increase clear span drastically. They are also lightweight and can handle heavy snow loads in areas where snow is a factor.

While an open web truss is one of the more standard truss designs, and one of Worldwide Steel’s most popular building options, it is not the only one. Other common truss types include rigid frame trusses, girder trusses, scissor trusses, bowstring trusses, cantilever trusses, fink trusses, howe trusses, flat trusses, gambrel trusses and more.

Questions about which truss system, in which configuration, would work best for your metal building project? Want to know whether the types of roof you're considering are better suited for one truss over another? Just want to talk shop and DIY steel buildings? Our team has you covered. Give Worldwide Steel Buildings a call at (800) 825-0316 today.


  • Edge Mounted Secondary Framing
  • Central Guard Sheet Metal with Lifetime Paint Warranty
  • Deluxe Custom Trim Package

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