The Best Gift Ever

Customer Journey with Orin Jackson in Green City, MO


“We received a steel building as a donation from Jeff at Worldwide Steel for the Hickory Hills Veteran’s Lodge. Other companies wouldn’t even call us back after offering to donate.”


Starting the Build

Worldwide’s steel columns are anchored with large bolts that are drilled into the concrete foundation and securely connect the tapered beams.

Columns and Trusses

Worldwide’s steel trusses are jointed to the top of the columns with large bolts that resist both vertical and horizontal movement for the most durable, sturdy, wind resistant, primary structure available on the market.

The Framing Process

Once the columns and trusses are set, you can begin the secondary framing of the side walls and end walls. Orin’s building kit included metal as the material for the wall girts and roof purlins instead of wood, making it an all steel and metal building for the best durability in unpredictable weather conditions. 

Secondary Framing

“The structural framework was amazing! When we mentioned Worldwide to other competitors, they actually admitted they could not compete with the structural integrity provided by Worldwide Steel Buildings.”


Wrap Around Porch

A generous addition to the building was a wrap-around porch, giving the vets a place to sit and enjoy the beautiful acreage full of timber, wildlife and a creek that runs through the property.

Made in America

“We plan to add a kitchen area, bathroom and a lift inside for equipment to make things easier for the disabled vets while they join us here to relax and enjoy life here at Hickory Hills Veteran’s Lodge.”


Dedicated to Veterans

Orin Jackson is a patriotic businessman who started up Hickory Hills Veteran’s Lodge, dedicated to the health and welfare of our armed forces veterans, active duty members and law enforcement personnel. They provide counseling and outdoor recreation focused on physical and mental needs of each individual.


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