The Ulver: 10×20 Tiny House Kit

Embrace the tiny home movement with The Ulver, a 10x20 tiny house kit that redefines compact luxury. With an innovative floor plan stretching over three levels, this isn't your average small house—it's a deluxe living experience in a modern, customizable package. Whether you're downsizing, building an Airbnb, or simply seeking a sustainable and cost-effective lifestyle, The Ulver offers an eco-friendly footprint that doesn't sacrifice comfort or style.

Every inch of its 200 sq. ft. base is meticulously designed to maximize living space while minimizing clutter. The pre-designed structure is ready for DIY enthusiasts to create a living room that's both cozy and spacious, leading up to a serene sleeping loft. Storage space is cleverly integrated to keep life organized and simple. Walls of window openings invite natural light to dance across a chic interior, giving it a tree house feel that's utterly unique. Plus, the sturdy metal building is engineered to support solar panels and quickly shed environmental extremes. Join the tiny house revolution and make The Ulver your own little slice of heaven on earth.

Imagine living large in The Ulver, a 10x20 tiny house that expertly combines form and function in a three-story design. This tiny home kit invites you to explore a new way of living, where every square foot is part of a deliberate house design meant to elevate your everyday life.

From the foundation up, The Ulver is engineered for the DIY builder. Its prefabricated metal components fit together seamlessly, allowing you to construct your own portable building easily. Whether it's perched in a city backyard or nestled in a woodland retreat, this tiny house's unique design ensures it stands out as a modern, rustic, or any aesthetic you desire.

Step inside to discover an inviting and multifunctional living room, flowing effortlessly into a kitchen ready to house your choice of refrigerators and other essentials. The second-level sleeping loft presents a private sanctuary for relaxation, while the top floor offers extra space for a guest bedroom or office space. Storage space is ingeniously woven into the layout, ensuring that while your living space is downsized, your lifestyle need not be.

For the environmentally conscious, The Ulver doesn't just talk the talk. Its design is optimized for a reduced carbon footprint, supporting a full load of solar panels to harness clean energy. The sloped roof is not just for aesthetic charm; it evacuates snow and rain efficiently, making this tiny home an excellent choice in any climate.

Measuring a mere 200 square feet at its base, The Ulver is a triumph of modern engineering—providing ample room to live comfortably while encouraging a life free from excess. Its potential for portability means you can settle—or travel—without leaving your home behind.

Tiny house floor plans have never been so thoughtfully executed. Whether it's a full-time residence, a guest house, or an investment as an Airbnb, The Ulver promises a living experience that is both cozy and expansive, private and connected, traditional and thoroughly modern. It's not just a tiny house; it's a smart space designed for a grand life.

Purlins and girts are not included with wood frame kits but are included with steel frame kits. Doors, windows, and interior finishes are not included with any kit and must be bought separately. Contact us for details and pricing.

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