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Rigid Frame Steel Buildings

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Worldwide Steel Buildings is a supplier and manufacturer of steel buildings. We are dedicated to bringing our customers the best value in their steel building needs. Our Rigid Frame Steel Buildings are created for multiple uses from manufacturing, warehousing, retail, churches, and many other commercial and agricultural uses. Our trained staff will help you from concept to delivery. By using our design software we are able to customize a building to meet your needs. Worldwide Steel Buildings is located in the Midwest with multiple shipping locations. When you want to know it will be right you can depend on Worldwide Steel Buildings to meet your needs.

Rigid Frame Steel Building Technical Information

Rigid Frame Steel Buildings systems are manufactured in an AISC- MB and ISO 14001:2004 certified facilities. We are dedicated to protecting our environment and reducinfg waste. In order to be awarded an ISO 14001 certification our facilities underwent a rigorous auditing process by an accredited firm. This demanding process takes about a year to achieve, but is extremely worthwhile investment to ensure our commitment to proper waste management and environmental protection. Change in the construction industry will involve the energy conservation and environmental impacts of construction. Our ability to design and produce energy efficient buildings is something we make a priority. We use all US Recycled Steel in every Worldwide Steel Building.

All of our buildings are designed using MBA software to meet your specific codes. Our design and detailing processes are audited to ensure your requested codes are being met in a rational engineering manner and that all proper design standards are being applied.

We offer some of the fastest turn-around times in the industry. Providing you with stamped engineered drawings in a couple weeks and delivery of most building kits to your job site in 6-8 weeks.

Steel Building Colors

We have a wide variety of colors to choose from for your steel buildings.

Burnished Slate (BS)
Evergreen (EG)
Aztec Blue (AB)
Brick Red (BR)
Sagebrush Tan (SB)
Fox Gray (FG)
Lightstone (LS)
Polar White (PW)

Steel Building Colors Rigid Frame Steel Buildings Color Chart

Steel Building Sizes

Complete metal building packages can be customized and combined with other materials to create an aesthetically sound building for your special requirements. Worldwide Steel Buildings offers a wide array of structural systems including clearspan rigid frame, modular rigid frame, tapered beam, and lean-to. All are available in standard or long bay options. Your building can be produced to virtually any desired dimension to achieve the optimal solution for your building requirements. All buildings are in accordance with the MBMA Metal Building Systems Manual and adhere to your specified buildings code.

Worldwide Steel Buildings also offers open web truss building packages in widths of 12′ through 100′ clearspan with sidewall heights 8′ through 20′. Other sizes and heights available upon request.

Steel Building Erection Manuals

We created our buildings with the do-it-yourselfer in mind. All WorldWide Steel Building Trusses are pre-punched and easily bolt together and have the purlin and girt clips factory welded for ease of construction. All steel purlins are girts attach to the clips with self-drilling screws. Your sheet metal attaches to the purlins and girts with colored, self-drilling screws that are flanged and self-sealing to prevent leaks. Your building also comes with a step-by-step erection manual to guide you or your local contractor from start to completion of your building.

PDF Erection Manual Rigid Frame Assembly Manual

Rigid Frame Steel Building - Tapered Member Frame

This tapered member frame is typically used in clearspan situations from 40 ft. to 150 ft. It can be either gable or single slope. Common roof slopes of ¼ to 4 in 12 are offered. When large clearspan areas are required for special industrial and commercial projects, the clearspan frame is typically the economical choice. The clearspan can be used with either cold-form purlins or open web joists.

Rigid Frame Steel Building - Solid Web Rigid Frame
The solid web rigid frame with interior columns provides multiple spans on wider buildings. It can be either gable or single slope. This frame type is economical with individual spans of 40 feet to 80 feet and building widths from 80 feet to 300 feet plus. Roof Slopes are ¼ to 1 in 12.

Rigid Frame Steel Building - Straight Column Rigid Frame
The straight column rigid frame is ideal for maximum efficiency of interior space. It is suitable for all types of small buildings that require clearspans from 20 feet to 60 feet. Roof slopes of ¼ to 1 in 12 are available. The Tapered Beam frame is ideal for partitioning interior bays and small crane support systems.

Standard Rigid Frame Steel Building Features

Primary Framing

Solid I-Beam Construction for Optimum Strength of Your Building

Our design uses the highest yield strength material, allowing for a smaller web which not only provides a space-saving design, but a greater cost savings to our customers. Laser cut, pre-punched and sub-arc welded to ensure the highest precision.

End Wall Frames and Columns

Your end wall frames and columns are based on your specific building design requirements using either cold formed, mill-rolled or built up I sections to ensure it provides the greatest functionality.

Secondary Framing


8” or 10” based on design requirements. Cold rolled Z-section, 13 gauge to 16 gauge ASTM A- 570, 50,000 or 65,000 psi yield material used to provide maximum strength. By-Pass girt system over laps at sidewall columns forming a continuous connection for extra strength.


8”, 10”, 12” based on design requirements. Top mounted to your roof girders with a varied lap of 2’ to 6’ for strength and cost savings in the erection labor. Maximum purlin spacing is 5’ on center. Purlins also use the By-Pass system for maximum strength

Eave Strut

Cold formed C-Section that is rolled for the appropriate roof pitch to help insure all Worldwide buildings are weather tight at the eave.

Sheeting Angle

A continuous angle supplied with every Worldwide building for the attachment of the sheeting at the rake of the building for ease installation of your sheeting and ensuring a weather tight seal along the gabled eave.

Base Angle/Girt with Trim

A continuous angle or girt supplied with every Worldwide building for the attachment of your sheeting to the concrete. This is easily attached with ram-sets or equivalent anchors by others. Ensures a weather tight seal along the base of your Worldwide building.


Every Worldwide building comes supplied with bracing in your walls and roof to prevent longitudinal loads and truss racking. This is accomplished by diagonal rod, cable, wind columns or portal frames based on your design needs.

Angle Flange Bracing

Provided with every Worldwide building to connect your rigid frames to the Purlins and Girts. This ensures that allowable compression levels are adequate for any combination of loadings.

Purlin bridging angles may be provided at each mid-bay to assure consistent purlin spacing and stiffening.

Structural Bolts

Structural bolts used with Worldwide buildings meet requirements of ASTM standards. ASTM Standards require A-325 for primary frame connections and A-307 for secondary framing.

Self Drilling and Self Tapping Fasteners

Pre-assembled with neoprene washers and domed metal caps to help ensure weather tightness of your steel building. This prevents leakage and prevents potential water damage. One of many features that sets a steel building apart from traditional construction.


80,000 psi

80,000 psi yield material is the standard on all Worldwide Steel buildings. Some manufacturers use a lower yield strength material, which is less resistant to damage from hail and other impacts.

All Coil Steel

All coil steel with Galvalume coating standard (1.25 oz – hot dipped) on each side helps prevent deterioration of the steel sheeting.

Deeper High Rib

Deeper High Rib with more frequent corrugation provides superior strength for the steel building.

Purlin Bearing Rib

The purlin bearing rib provides a better weather seal between the roof sheets on your steel building.

Optimal Semi-Concealed Panel

This configuration is available for walls, facade systems, soffit material, etc. to add an aesthetic appeal to your Worldwide Steel building.



For roof side laps, end laps, and flashing gable is provided to help ensure weather tightness. Nominal 3/8” x 1/8” thick pressure sensitive tape sealant for ease of installation.

Trimming & Flashing

Trimming at rake (gable) corners and eaves is provided for all Worldwide Steel buildings with standard trim material for a finished look. This is also a moisture deterrent and helps prevent insects and dirt from getting into the building.

Ridge Cap

Pre-formed High Rib Ridge Cap Panel

Matches the slope and profile of the adjoining roof panels on Worldwide buildings to help ensure constant alignment and weather tightness.

Long Overlap

Provided to help prevent water from siphoning into the building.

Plans & Drawings

Anchor Bolt Setting Plan

Demonstrates building reactions for all buildings. Details where your column locations are for an exact location of your anchor bolts.

Engineer Certified Erection Drawings

Including wall and roof framing diagrams, cross sections, sheeting and flashing details are provided. These drawings show clearly the proper erection and assembly of all building components

Worldwide Building Manual

Erection drawings provided step by step instruction for assembly of your building

Part Numbers

Placed on each component (other than bolts and fasteners) These part numbers coincide with a detailed listing contained in the construction drawings and shipping list to help with assembly of the building.

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