Hybrid Building


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Franklin, TN

Building Dimensions

30' W x 10' H x 40' L


Hybrid frame construction involves a combination of both steel and wood in a single building’s framing and construction process. A hybrid building like this one, which is framed by structural steel web trusses and finished out with a wood frame, is one of the many building solutions offered by Worldwide Steel to meet our customers’ wide variety of needs.

It incorporates both steel framing and secondary wood framing in your building’s structural elements. Choosing a hybrid building means some differences in both the construction process and the maintenance of your building, but it’s often the most cost-effective choice for a building with the strength, durability and high-quality longevity of steel as well as the traditional appeal and sustainability of wood.

Hybrid construction gives you the precision and ease of construction that’s inherent to Worldwide Steel prefabrication, the low-maintenance lifetime of steel, plus the warmth, ease of configuration and lower environmental impact of wood.

The construction process for a hybrid building is similar to the building technique for an all-metal building, so your construction site, tools and resource needs will look just about the same. For the building pictured above, you’ll notice the metal trusses were erected first, then framed out with wood instead of steel (the primary difference in this type of construction) then finished out with exterior metal paneling.

In our opinion, there isn’t any type of building design that is a bad candidate for hybrid construction. Personal, residential and mixed-use buildings can all benefit from mixed structural elements.

If you choose a hybrid building, there will be a few differences in the design process. In order for our team to ensure everything is perfectly fabricated and correctly delivered to your construction site, you’ll stay in close contact with a Worldwide Steel representative who will help you bring your building to life. Questions? Ready to get started? Give us a call today at (800) 825-0316.


  • Wood Secondary Framing
  • Central Guard Sheet Metal with Lifetime Paint Warranty
  • Deluxe Custom Trim Package

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