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Customer Journey with the Niles Family in Vermont



A Special Use Building Project for a

Vermont Maple Syrup Sugarhouse

Steel Wall Columns

Bolt down the columns to your concrete as shown in your structural drawings. Once your columns are set, you can begin setting the trusses on top of the each column. 

Steel Roof Trusses

Once your primary framework is constructed, you can begin hanging your secondary framework with your wall girts and roof purlins. A scissor lift is very handy for this aspect of the installation process.

Building Design Specifications:
34’ Wide x 50’ Long x 12’ Walls
6:12 Roof Pitch
Secondary Wood Framing
Mezzanine Kit

Roof Purlins + Wall Girts

Metal buildings with a primary steel frame can utilize metal purlins and girts or wood as the secondary framing. While installing these elements, you are also creating the spaces for your doors and windows around the wall columns and end columns. 

Side Walls + Roof Panels

Once your primary framework and secondary framework is assembled, you can start hanging your outer shell roofing panels and wall panels. 

Mezzanine Kits

When you add a second level mezzanine plan to your building kit, you are increasing the usefulness of your interior space by adding more square footage within the same footprint. You can also maintain high ceilings when designing with Worldwide’s steel columns, because your mezzanine joists can be set at any height for wood flooring and also for metal flooring that provide high load-bearing weight capacity. 

Custom Finish Options

Most customers envision multiple exterior customizations as well as interior customization options. In this custom sugarhouse build, the choice was maple wood for their double doors and then an antique hammer for the handle. Exterior soffits will be the final phase of this project installation.

Finished Sugarhouse

“Construction of our sugar house began days before the birth of our first daughter with the intention of allowing our children to grow up learning about Vermont’s maple sugaring tradition and enjoying the sweet rewards as a family.” ~Rob

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