Campsite Building

Customer Journey with the Taylor Family in Blue Eye, Missouri

“We didn’t go about our build the traditional way. After we installed the roof, our family lived in the camper and I hauled water throughout the building process.”


Trenching For Rural Utilities

“We had to trench a long way to get to the main road from our 20 acre parcel in rural Taney County. We also had to blast through some rock.”


Pier Foundation System

“Based on our soil conditions with a 6-8 foot drop off, we did not use compacted fill. We decided it would be best to build a piered foundation with sandfill.”


Concrete Piers

Concrete piers are pressed into the earth until they hit bedrock, which holds the structure rather than the soil. Pier systems create a very stable foundation, and is preferable in this particular situation.

Setting Columns & Trusses

Worldwide’s steel trusses are jointed to the columns with large bolts that can resist both vertical and horizontal movement for the most sturdy frame available on the market.

Secondary Framing

Once you have your columns and trusses set, you can begin the secondary framing of the roof and sidewalls. The Taylors chose to use metal as the material for their girts and purlins instead of wood, making it an all steel and metal building.

Backfilling with Sand

Fill sand is recommended if your project requires backfill material. Often times, sand is used as a base for concrete and as backfill around septic tanks.

Sheet Metal Roofing

Rody chose to apply blanket insulation underneath the sheet metal on top of the trusses at the same time as they were installing the roof. 

Heated Concrete

Floor heating systems, or radiant heating systems can be installed in many types of flooring including concrete, and under wood flooring and tile.


“We wanted a roof top deck, a glass roll up door in the lower level, wood wall paneling, exposed airducts, large custom windows and rustic tin for the ceiling. We framed the lower level mezzanine posts with stone. We also stamped and stained our concrete for a unique flooring design.”


Weekend Getaway Home

“Nothing about our lake house is traditional. We pretty much customized everything the way we wanted and it turned out to be the perfect weekend getaway for our family and friends.”


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