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Questions To Ask When Purchasing A Steel Building

Are you buying from the Manufacturer? Or from a Broker buying a building from whoever has the cheapest price that day?

Worldwide Steel Buildings is a manufacturer that has designed and built thousands of buildings for all applications over the past 30+ years. Our consultants are well trained and will partner with each customer throughout the complete building process.

Are you buying from a USA building Manufacturer? Or from a company component shopping from other countries buying pieces that don’t line up correctly?

Worldwide is a US manufacturer, our steel is from recycled steel making our building 98% green

Is the building manufactured in 26 gauge steel on 5′ centers? Or 29 gauge steel w/ framing on 2′ centers

26ga on 5′ centers live load approx. 22 PSF VS. Worldwide building 29ga on 2′ centers live load 108 PSF
26ga on 5′ centers wind load approx. 30 PSF VS. Worldwide building 29ga on 2′ centers Wind load 144PSF

Are they using galvalume? Or lower quality galvanized steel?

Worldwide offers a 25 year warranty galvalume panel or a 40 year warranty painted panel

Is your warranty from a broker? Or is it from the manufacturer?

We are the manufacturer of our web truss design. We also offer for large commercial applications a Rigid Frame style building that is designed in house and manufactured by a leading building manufacture in the US with multiple ship points.

Is the main framing spaced out 20′ to 30′ apart?

Our trusses are made of solid steel using angle and rod to create a system that has superior strength and is spaced to optimize the overall strength of the building, but also easy to handle during the erection process.

Is the warranty for 1 to 5 years?

Worldwide offers a 50 year structural warranty which is the best in the industry.

Do the screws have neoprene washers and are they designed to withstand the elements for the life of your building?

There are no exterior bolts required in our building, our sheet metal screw are manufactured for life time use and include a seal washer for weather tight assembly.

Are their bolt holes pre-cut and pre-drilled?

All bolt holes are pre-punched and trusses are built on jig tables for proper alignment.

Are their buildings a bolt up kit? Or are you required to do field welding?

Our building is a complete bolt and screw together product with an easy to follow assemble guide provided with each building.

Do you need a rental crane for thousands of dollars to put up your building? Or can you erect the building yourself using scaffolding or light equipment?

We use a bolt together truss making our truss very manageable without the requirement for renting any heavy equipment.

Do their buildings come with state certified wet seal blueprints? Or are you required to hire your own engineer?

We offer building engineered stamped prints if required for a fee. If not required we will still design to meet each customer local building requirements and include a full set of drawings. Those drawings will not include an engineer stamp.

Do their buildings offer state certified concrete drawings?

We do offer concrete stamped prints if required for an additional fee.


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