Your Worldwide Steel Building Project: Five Things to Consider Before You Start

Posted on March 23, 2020

Worldwide Steel builds are designed to be easily assembled. We also provide dedicated support from your planning phase through your project completion. However,  when all’s said and done you’ve a substantial project on your hands. The decisions you make before breaking ground will affect how you feel about your project for years to come. Here are five questions our experts recommend you ask yourself (and come up with good answers for!) before you make any commitments:

  1. How do I plan to use the building? Seems simple, right? Worldwide Steel building kits are largely comprised of the same components. However, being in need of a house, a garage, an aircraft hangar, a horse arena or something completely outside-the-box will determine what you need from your building kit. As impossible as it may seem right now, it’s  a good idea to think about how your needs for the building might change over the years to come. 
  2. Does my steel building need to be purely functional, or are aesthetics important too? With Worldwide Steel Buildings, you are able to customize and make your steel building look as traditional or as custom as you desire. If you just need a structure for storage, you probably won’t spend much time thinking about how it looks. If you’re building a structure for commercial use (where “curb appeal” has value) or as a residence, you want it to look nice. We recommend starting with the easy-to-use 3D Building Designer tool. From there, our team can help you choose features and materials: mezzanines, cupolas, sliding doors, porches and overhangs, to name a few.
  3. What are the loading requirements in my area? Buildings of all material makeup should be designed and engineered to meet wind loads, snow loads, and seismic specs.  These factors taken into consideration during engineering will help insure a long economic life for the building. At Worldwide Steel, we take these loading requirements very seriously. We provide stamped engineered drawings from a licensed engineer in the state the building is being delivered. This validates every building we deliver is designed to its exact  local snow and wind requirements and allows us to back your building with a 50-year structural warranty.
  4. Will I be erecting this DIY or will I hire a crew? Worldwide Steel building kits are manufactured with the DIYer in mind. Our trusses are pre-punched, bolt together easily and have the purlin and girt clips factory welded for construction ease. Your sheet metal attaches to the purlins and girts with colored, self-drilling screws that are flanged and self-sealing to prevent leaks. Every building comes with a step-by-step assembly manual to guide you through the building process from start to finish. Most of our customers can erect without the need of renting a crane or other heavy equipment. Our customers do find it’s easier and quicker to have a three-man team working together once you reach the sheeting stage of construction. When you have people working on different walls, you can finish much more quickly.
  5. Do I really know how much this is going to cost? When you work with Worldwide Steel, the short answer is always a resounding YES. Unlike some other steel building companies, you’ll know up-front what your final bill is likely to be. We understand how important entry costs and finish costs are to achieving budget accuracy. We do everything in our power to help you stay on budget and get the steel building of your dreams, without compromise. This means our trained building consultants help you design your structure at no additional cost, we offer our structural warranty directly (not through a broker, so claims are handled directly by WWSB). In short, we go out of our way to provide a fair and honest pricing experience from the moment of inquiry.

If you have other questions or considerations, or you just want to talk through your project with a no-BS expert, call the WWSB team at (800) 825-0316.