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Posted on August 9, 2016

Steel Building Kit with Wood Exterior

Use a Worldwide Steel Buildings Kit to Erect Your Pre-Engineered Steel Building

So, you’ve decided a steel building might be right for your new expansion. But you still have a lot of questions and don’t know where to turn. Never fear, the experts at Worldwide Steel Buildings are the best metal building manufacturers and provide not only complete, ready to assemble engineered steel building kits, they are available to answer all your questions and/or address your concerns. Just give them a call today at 888-229-9972.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Questions You Should Ask When Shopping for a Steel Building

Are You Buying from the Manufacturer? Or from a Broker Buying a Building from Whoever has the Cheapest Price That Day?

At Worldwide Steel Buildings, we have designed and built the best metal buildings available for 30+ years. Our highly trained, professional consultants will stay with you through every step of the process; ensuring your Worldwide Steel Buildings project is a complete success that will last for many years to come.

Is the Building You Are Buying Manufactured Using 26 Gauge Steel on 5’ Centers? Or 29 Gauge Steel with Framing on 2’ Centers?

This is how a Worldwide Steel Building kit compares with our competition:

  • 26ga on 5′ centers live load approx. 22 PSF Worldwide Steel Building 29ga on 2′ centers live load 108 PSF
  • 26ga on 5′ centers wind load approx. 30 PSF Worldwide Steel Building 29ga on 2′ centers Wind load 144 PSF

Is the Manufacturer Using Galvalume? Or a Lower Quality Galvanized Steel?

At Worldwide Steel Buildings, we offer a full 40-year warranty on painted panels.

Is the Warranty the Typical 1 year Offered by Most Brokers and Manufacturers?

At Worldwide Steel Buildings we offer the best metal buildings and the best structural warranty in the industry; a full 50 years!

Is the Building a Complete Bolt up System? Or are You Required to do Field Welding?

A Worldwide Steel Buildings kit is completely bolt & screw together system, eliminating the need for any on site welding.

To get answers to all your questions, and learn what other questions you need to ask, contact WorldWide Steel Buildings today at (800) 825-0316. Let’s get started on your steel building project. The building you build today should be designed and built to serve you for many tomorrows.

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