Aircraft hangars can be built on residential and commercial properties as a valuable resource in protecting personal aircrafts and business jets. The hangars are small or large, sturdy and easily built, making them the perfect resource for anyone with any type of aircraft to care for.

It is important to store an aircraft in a dry, environmentally controlled environment. While becoming more popular, aircrafts are huge investments and are quite expensive. It is not recommended to store aircrafts outdoors as this may result in damage to the plane and costly repairs for you. Hangars make caring for an aircraft easier, and they are not a hassle to install.

Steel aircraft hangars are pre-manufactured and easy to install on your property. The size of the hangar can be adjusted to the specs of the property and aircraft. Typically, aircraft hangars range from 24 feet to 225 feet clearspans. There are multiple design options available for hangars as well, including those with one large opening and others with multiple doors to accommodate more planes. Hangars can be sized to fit small planes and helicopters as well as larger personal aircrafts.

There are many benefits to storing a personal aircraft at home or on site at a company. They provide a safe and convenient place to store an aircraft. Steel manufactured aircraft hangars are equipped to stand up to harsh environmental disasters, including hurricane force winds. For more information about aircraft hangars, contact us.