The Best Steel Building Warranty in the Business

Posted on September 29, 2020


At Worldwide Steel, we’re committed to customer satisfaction. Not just when your steel building is shiny and new – when it’s shiny and old, too. That’s why every metal building, house, shed or hangar we help you design comes with a limited 50-year warranty: one that we consider the best steel building warranty in the business. It’s easy to understand, it’s comprehensive, and it’s backed by Worldwide Steel pride.

Not many other steel building vendors provide a warranty as all-encompassing or long-lasting as ours, and we think we know why: When you work with another steel building company, they’re probably sourcing parts and services from third party suppliers. We don’t do that. We’re your manufacturers, we’re your consultants, we’re your advisers. And we’re good at what we do, too.

From the first time you get on the phone with a Worldwide Steel team member, you’ll be able to hear and feel the pride we take in our work, the excitement we have about your project, and the knowledge we have about the steel building industry. Any time you have a concern about your design, we’ll be there. Any time you have a question about the building process, we’ll be there. And if you need us to make something right fifty years from now, we’ll be there.

But here’s the other thing about our warranty … you’re probably not going to need it. Worldwide steel products are the highest quality in the industry, we take great care to ensure every one of your projects is well-thought out and well-executed, and that it meets the coding and zoning standards of wherever you are.

If you do happen to need our warranty, though, we make filing a claim as easy as possible. There’s no need to jump through hoops to get what was promised to you. At Worldwide Steel, when something goes wrong, we fix it. As quickly as possible.

Our warranty guarantees that, under normal use and operation, your web steel trusses and other Worldwide Steel-supplied parts will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for fifty years from the date of delivery. And if you choose to purchase pre-painted steel roofing and siding panels as part of your steel building kit, the paint on those is under warranty, too! We work with Central States Manufacturing to guarantee your color-coated finish won’t crack, check, peel or lose adhesion under normal conditions. So not only can you be sure your metal building will function properly for years to come, you can be sure it will keep its looks, too.

What really sets the Worldwide Steel warranty apart, however, is that our reputation depends on it. As the manufacturer, our reputation of quality and service is on the line. We offer this steel building warranty, and we back it up ourselves. Since we offer our warranty directly, and not through a middleman or broker, any warranty claim you may make is handled directly by us.

We want you to look back on the process of erecting your metal building with fondness, whether you’re showing it off when it’s brand new or helping your grandkids maintain it years and years from now.

And from the very beginning, Worldwide Steel buildings are made to last. We take the time to ensure yours is designed to your local snow and wind requirements, is built to code, and is backed by a warranty that protects you from most of what could possibly go wrong with it – for decades.

To get more information on what makes the Worldwide Steel warranty (and everything else we offer) the best in the business, give us a call at (800) 825-0316.

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