Five Common Metal Building Mistakes to Avoid 

Posted on January 30, 2023
Newly-constructed steel garage from Worldwide Steel Buildings.

Like any big concept-to-execution project, the design and construction of a metal building is complicated, and there are plenty of points in the process where mistakes could happen.

At their most innocuous, mistakes in the metal building process can cause you headaches and trips back to the proverbial drawing board (or to the hardware store). At their most harmful, mistakes could cost you thousands of dollars and life-threatening injuries.

When you work with Worldwide Steel Buildings, we’ll help you navigate any potential oversights and miscalculations, which means you’ll avoid most of these areas of risk.

Still, we still think it’s important to know where errors can occur, so you know how to identify where they might come up and steer clear. Here are five common metal building mistakes to avoid:

  1. Choosing the wrong size building. It’s important to accurately consider how much land you have to work with and how much room you’ll need inside the building. If the building is too small, you may need to expand sooner than you’d hoped to. While it’s pretty easy to expand a metal building, compared to traditional construction, it’s still a project you probably don’t want to undertake any time soon. If the building is too large, you may end up paying for unnecessary materials and labor.
  2. Being careless with the foundation. A metal building kit needs a stable foundation to sit on. Skipping this step or using a subpar foundation can result in building shifts that lead to costly repairs down the line.
  3. Failing to follow directions. Our metal building kits come with detailed assembly instructions that should be followed carefully. If you do, the construction should be easy — really. But if you decide to wing it and disregard the directions, you could compromise the integrity of the building, require costly repairs and jeopardize the safety of whoever’s working on the building project.
  4. Neglecting local building codes. Once you start working with Worldwide Steel, we’ll do the legwork to ensure your building is up to code. But it’s a mistake to make big plans or purchase a building without understanding whether you’re actually allowed to build it. Different areas have different building codes that must be followed. Failing to check and adhere to these codes could result in fines or the need to make costly modifications to the building.
  5. Choosing the wrong manufacturer. It can be tempting to try to save money by purchasing a metal building kit off the shelf from a big box store, but in almost every case, this decision ends up costing more in the long run. Cheaper materials and less precise configuration can result in lower quality buildings that don’t stand up to the elements as well as a Worldwide Steel building. Our high-quality materials and top-of-the-line manufacturing process are a big part of what ensures the longevity and durability of your building.

You can avoid mistake number five entirely by choosing Worldwide Steel. And when you work with us, we’ll make sure you avoid the first four (and any other potential blunders along the way) too.

Our building kits aren’t just pretty darn tough … they’re pretty darn tough to mess up, too. That’s one of the things that sets Worldwide Steel apart from the rest: we make our buildings essentially foolproof.

We ensure smooth, easy DIY design, build and use from start to finish:

  • First, we partner with you throughout the whole process. In addition to the automated self-service tools we offer, like our 3D building designer, we offer close human partnership, as well. We’ll never leave you on your own to create and customize your metal building. Our team of experts is there to make sure your needs are understood, your building is suitable for its location, and you know exactly what needs to happen during and after delivery.
  • Second, we manufacture our components with precision. When your metal building kit is delivered, you can feel confident that its parts will fit together perfectly, which means your structural integrity won’t be compromised and the construction process will be straightforward.
  • Third, our buildings are made to last. We even offer a 50-year warranty on all our building components, since we’re so confident they’ll last through decades of regular use.

By avoiding these mistakes and carefully planning and executing the installation of your metal building kit, you can save money and ensure that your building is safe and functional for years to come. Ready to start building? Give us a call at 1-800-825-0316!

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