Getting the Most from Your Steel Building Kits

Posted on October 15, 2014

FrameOnlyThere are many types of steel and metal buildings on the market that are available to consumers and companies who need a strong and secure place to house their hobbies, toys, and even their business practices.  However, there are few steel building companies that truly set themselves apart by cutting out the middle-man which comes with high mark-ups, and by offering customizations and options to meet your needs and help you get the most out of the building.

Worldwide Steel Buildings are an affordable option and we offer a 50 year structural warranty, along with different customizations so that you can maximize the available space and store from the bottom to the very top of your building.

Second Floor Loft Storage – With a bar joint system that has been created exclusively by Worldwide Steel Buildings, you can create a loft at almost any height within your building that allows you to create an additional layer of storage. With steel being arguably the strongest material available, it will hold as much as you can fit into your loft space, clear up to the roof of your building.

wwsOverhangs – Steel building owners have the option of installing a self  supporting overhang onto the outside of the building. Overhangs can be built in a variety of sizes, ranging up to 14 feet. These will give additional roofed storage on the outside of the building and can be built in addition to an interior loft for maximized storage space.

Expansion – Every Worldwide Steel Building has a wall that can be removed and used to expand your building at any point in time. Whether you are doubling its size, or just adding on a small space for storing a few extra things, you’ll be able to add whatever you need to keep your life or your business organized with ample space.


With size versatility as well as versatility of use, you can’t beat the value of a Worldwide Steel Building. Our buildings have been used as man caves, churches, barns, even homes and industrial buildings with fully functional electrical systems, plumbing, windows, and more. These buildings are the most versatile and strongest on the market. Whatever you have in store for your steel building, ours can handle it.