Engineered Metal Steel Building Systems

Posted on July 11, 2016

A cost-effective, durable option for any construction project

Worldwide Steel Buildings pre-engineered, prefabricated building systems offer an advantage over more costly, labor-intensive conventional construction.  We are an innovator of do-it-yourself steel building systems, and the leading open web truss manufacturer of pre-engineered steel buildings in the U.S. since 1983.

Reduced labor and cost

Steel is stronger and more durable than other framing materials, and because of its strength-to-weight ratio can span greater distances without support columns, making for easier and faster construction.  Compared to wood, steel structures can be pre-fabricated in our plant and then once on your site go together like an erector set cutting construction cost down by as much as 40%.

Worldwide Steel Building kits are engineered and prefabricated to go up quickly and with less required expertise.  Our do-it-yourself building systems, with our simple to follow installation manual take the guess work out of your construction project.  We manufacture the components of your building right in our U.S.-based factory and ship it direct to you cutting out the middle man.

Strength, durability, versatility

Steel is a tempered alloy made up of iron and carbon, giving it a high tensile strength.  As a building material, steel does not absorb moisture, is not vulnerable to mold, termites or other vermin, and stands up to extreme environmental conditions far better than wood.

Because of this, our engineered steel building systems are adaptable to virtually any use and climate.  Weather you need an agricultural buildings to aircraft hangars, horse arenas to churches and recreation centers, commercial buildings, garages and workshops, industrial buildings, storage units, and residential buildings, whatever your need, we’ve got a building for it.

Good for the environment

Steel is a versatile, energy-efficient building material, requiring fewer natural resources to produce than wooden construction materials.  By contrast, wood twists, cracks, and absorbs moisture, making it prone to structural weakness and dry rot as it ages.  This greatly increases the need for maintenance driving costs.

Steel is increasingly preferred over wood as a green building material.  It is 100% recyclable, able to be reclaimed from everything from cars and other machinery to buildings, ships, and an infinite number of consumer products.  Steel is the world’s most recycled material.  By 2012, 88% of all steel in the United States was recycled steel, according to the American Iron and Steel Institute.

To find out more about the quality of steel over other building materials, and to explore the many options available to you in the design of your commercial or residential building project, surf the links in the menu on the left. While you’re at it, request a free planning kit, or call (800) 825-0316 to speak to one of our knowledgeable steel building professionals today.