The Difference Between Steel Buildings & Steel-Sided Buildings

Posted on October 6, 2016

pole barn vs steel buildingWith over a quarter-century of experience designing and building steel structures, Worldwide Steel Buildings is a solid choice for getting the sturdiest and most dependable buildings money can buy. Because of their many advantages over traditional building construction methods, steel buildings are quickly becoming the preferred method of building for anyone who needs a building that’s as tough as mother nature.

Why Choose a Steel Building?

Many people point to the durability of steel buildings as their chief advantage. While it’s true that steel buildings are some of the strongest in the industry, that’s not the only reason to choose a steel building today.

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Simple to Assemble

Among their many advantages, steel buildings are also quick and easy to assemble. This is possible because companies are beginning to offer pre-engineered structures that are sent directly to the site where construction is set to take place.

Customized for Your Needs

Steel buildings are also exceptionally versatile. Some come with adjustable panels that make customization and future expansions easy and hassle-free. Your steel building can grow with you as your needs change.

Low Maintenance Costs

Long term maintenance is a significant factor, and while a steel building may cost more upfront, that price is nothing compared to the many dollars, and nerves, that will be spent repairing and maintaining a building damaged by fires, unfavorable weather, and termites. All of these factors are constant threats to steel-sided buildings, and all can be avoided with a building made entirely of steel.

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