Can I Build My Home Out of Steel?

Posted on July 23, 2014

home_made_of_steelWhen you hear the words steel building, you may think of warehouses, commercial buildings, horse arenas or stadiums just to name a few. However, more and more people are electing to build their homes from prefabricated steel materials.

What are the benefits of a steel home?

Steel framed buildings are stronger than wood. They don’t buckle under pressure which may be a deciding factor for those wanting to always be prepared for the impending natural disaster or apocalypse. They can also withstand some pretty extreme weather conditions that would otherwise start to break lumber down. You don’t have to worry about splitting, settling, warping or twisting. As of right now, steel framed houses are very comparable in price to the average wood framed home. The cost of lumber is often on the rise whereas the price of steel stays steady for the most part. Steel is also fully recyclable which helps the environment. It also helps keep the cost fluctuation at bay.


A prefabricated steel home allows you to make most of the decisions when it comes to the floor plan. Oftentimes when you go with a traditional, wood constructed home, you only have the choice of 4-10 floor plan options. Once people realize they can customize the floor plan, the sizes of their rooms, as well as where they want to build, the decision to use steel is made easy. Contact us to talk to one of our home experts and discuss all of our available options.

Can I use other materials as well as steel?

You can use multiple materials along with your steel framed home. If you want to use a different type of roof system or even vinyl siding, that works. With WorldWide Steel Buildings you can even use wood for the secondary framing if you would like. One benefit of the secondary framing being on 2’ centers is that the interior can be finished off without having to build additional interior walls.


Not only can you build a home out of steel, YOU can build a home out of steel. Like our other steel buildings, our residential kits are prefabricated with the DIY person in mind. You can literally build your home yourself if you choose.


‘Time is money’ is an understatement for steel homes. Depending on your plan you could have your home constructed the same day the kit is delivered. If this is something that entices you, you may want to hire a professional. Whether you decide to build your entire home out of steel, or just pick and choose steel parts, WorldWide Steel Buildings is here to provide it.

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